DF1AS Code of Conduct & Rules of Engagement

Whether you want to join us, bitch about how we blew up your shit or just say hello, this is the place to do so.
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DF1AS Code of Conduct & Rules of Engagement

Post by Havohej » 31 Mar 2019, 06:23

Du'uma Fiisi Code of Conduct
  • I am a PvPer who earns my own ISK and buys my own ships and supplies.
  • I am always learning. I seek the respect of other pilots through mastery of the PvP skills, honouring any 1v1s or duels I agree to.
  • I appreciate the opportunity of flying with my corpmates. DF1AS pilots learn from one another and we learn by doing. However, I do not need a gang to practice my skills, and can hunt solo with ease.
  • I understand that while in fleet, my ship belongs to the FC and that the FC is basing decisions off of the DPS and EWar support my ship brings to the fleet. I do not fly ships that I cannot afford to lose, so when the FC gives an order I am ready to follow through.
  • I am aware that my actions ingame and on the forums/reddit/etc. always reflect on my corporation. I don't smack talk - I respect all my opponents, win or lose. I am free with my praise and advice with foes. I invite those with promise to consider joining DF1AS.
  • If I invite someone into my fleet, or if I accept someone's request to join my fleet, they are safe in fleet with me. I keep my word.
Du'uma Fiisi Rules of Engagement

DF1AS follows NBSI (Not Blue, Shoot It) Rules of Engagement. If we offer a ransom, we will honor that ransom.