Butterfly PekingBesti's apllication

So you want to join Du'uma Fiisi Integrated Astrometrics. Read the Sticky Posts and follow the instructions - this is your first test.
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Butterfly PekingBesti's apllication

Post by Butterfly Besti » 26 Apr 2019, 16:33

I'm transporting my ships to quit my crop now. Because my main character is still in my crop, the sso will offer the member list. To protect my corp's information, so I use my alt to post the application. I will SSO all main characters before joining your corp and after I quit my corp.

1. How old are you, and where are you from (include your timezone)?
28years old. From China plus8 time zone. I play eve about 1200-1600 evetime on weekdays. On weekends I can play whole day except midnight.

2. Why do you want to join DF1AS? How did you hear about us?
I saw your recruitment advertisement in eve forums. I looking for a C2 with c5 and NS static corp. So I can get the best profit form c5 and easy to find a fight at NS.

3. What's been your EVE experience to date? In particular, what were your last few corporations/alliances; why did you join and leave them? Are there any other games that you play?
I have played eve since 2010 in the Serenity server. I came to Tranquility in 2016. My last 2 corps were Glaring sword and the venom den. Both of them were C5-5 WH corps, I had played in HS, LS, and NS in Serenity, so I chose a WH corps in Tranquility.
I joined Glaring Sword First, GS was fall when its CEO stopped playing EVE. Then I left GS and joined TVD, TVD CEO is my friend when I was in GS. And C5-5 is not easy to find a small gang, so I left.
I play Dota2, Pubg, rainbow6 and a lot of games. In Dota2 and pubg, I got a great rank.

4. Do you have any experience with specialized fleet positions (FC, logi anchor, etc) or corp (recruitment, logistics, director, etc.) roles? If yes, please tell us a little about that and if not, why?
In Serenity I was an FC of a High-sec newbro corp. I led some null-sec roaming about 10 times, not a big fleet just about 10 ships including frigates and cruisers with the cheap fits. We had lost some ships but I always can take the fleet back to high-sec. Although Serenity’s anti-roaming is not as good as Tranquility.
I have no corp role experiment.

5. Please confirm that you've read the DF1AS Code of Conduct and RoE and will abide by them.
I have read them. I will obey it.

6. To show that you're more than just an F1 drone, please link five kills that you feel proud of. These should include two kills against a more powerful ship class than your own (for example frig vs cruiser, or t1 frig vs t2/faction frig). Fights where you took on multiple ships of your own class (e.g. cruiser vs 2x cruiser) and came away with multiple kills also count. This isn't as hard as it sounds - if you'd like advice drop by DF1AS Public channel in game and we'll help you out.
As Serenity server and its kb website are closed, I can’t offer a lot of remarkable kills. I had an abaddon KM by a wolf and a dominix KM by a hurricane in Serenity, but I’m not proud of them. Because they were PVE fit and flying by a new bro.
What I’m proud of is I use a Celestis to get the top10 of kill numbers Serenity KB website and have no lose in faction war, all kills were solo kill including some pirate faction ships.

I’m not actively in Tranquility, so I don’t have too much personal kills.
https://zkillboard.com/kill/74786418/ and https://zkillboard.com/kill/74786458/
I used one Hyperion tank 5 Brutix till my reinforce get into the battlefield. But I made a mistake, I multi-box my other 3 characters jumping as reinforce, I forget to stop my armour repair, then I fixed all my armour. I still have 80% structure, I think if I stop repairing they won retreat maybe we can get more KMs.

7. Link the lossmail that you would say embarrasses you the most and explain to us why it happened. How have you improved as a player from it?

www.youtube.com/watch?v=5umyLUrnCOI 51 mins

It’s the most embarrassing l since I started playing EVE.
I think 3 reasons I lose the fight.
One is I multi-boxing my other 3 characters and they were transporting a lot of high-value things via low EHP ships in high-sec, I didn’t pay too much attention to the fight at the begging. Two is I always wanted to escape from the fight because I believe some ships behind the cyclone and the job of the character is to sure the transport route safety for my transport fleet. Three is I lose my patient in the fight, I still could tanking at least one minute in the end but I give up, I don’t remember exactly what was happened in the end.

8. DF1AS is a corporation for mains. We're OK with you having alts in other corporations for the purposes of making ISK (we actually have an industrial sister corp to house your industry alts), but not for PvP. Please confirm that the character you're applying with is your main, and let us know about any alts you have in other corporations.

I will let you know all of my characters. I have 4 main characters and 6 PI alts and a lot of alpha scanning alts.

9. What experiences (if any) have you had in a wormhole and would you be interested in moving into a C2 system with C5/Nullsec statics?

I lived in a wormhole for at least 1 years, though I’m not actively sometimes. I’d like to move into a C2 with C5 and NS statics.

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Re: Butterfly PekingBesti's apllication

Post by Havohej » 27 Apr 2019, 04:32

Hey m8, Astera mentioned that he'd spoken to you. Your application looks great! I look forward to talking with you myself as well, soon. I understand your caution with regard to your current corp and the SSO. Take your time getting your affairs in order, we'll be here :)

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